Adventures in Climbing, and Coworkers!

I work at a nearby rock climbing gym. It was sheer luck that I got the job but I’m happy as hell to have it. I get to rock climb in the gym for free whenever I want, get deals on gear, and keep myself the fit I need to not have arthritis flares. I also get to train to be a mountaineer through winter and I can really not lose my shape (and become an arthritic lump again).

However, It was brought to my coworkers attention that I had never climbed outside. The way I got into climbing, well my friend found the gym and said “hey, lets try this out”. We didn’t know how to do anything or where to even start with outdoor climbing. We took intro classes and watched other gym climbers and absorbed as much knowledge as we could. Well, my coworkers found out and just couldn’t let me go on having never climbed outside, so two of them took me climbing. We went to Clear Creek and tried some easy stuff.

Clear Creek 20161024 (17 of 26).jpg

I had a blast. It was exactly what I needed to remind me that my goal here is to climb mountains. And to climb them with people I like. I have such an amazing team of coworkers and such a fun sport to delve into, I cant wait for summer again. And its only November. This is really where my climbing adventure begins.